In all honesty, I have no idea what “cultural” group I identify with. But for the sake of this assignment, I’m just going to pretend that it’s asking about my personal beliefs and how I view others who may not share the same ideologies as I do. Now first of all, I was born in a very, very down south Christian household. Both my parents are very religious people and I was brought up to attend church every Sunday. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas we’d travel to my Aunt’s house where we’d eat southern home cooked meals, watch football, play in the backyard, open presents, and do other family reunion type of stuff. My Uncle is the biggest country bumpkin I know. He always has his cowboy hat on, has country music blaring out of the back of his truck and is a very, very hard worker. The same goes for my dad, and a lot of my other male relatives.

Unfortunately, another common characteristic of this “down south hard workin’ man” stereotype is that, in short, they’re often very bigoted individuals. As someone who has grown up around these kind of people my entire life, I can say that for the most part, this is true. With that said, I don’t automatically assume every guy or girl with a cowboy hat on hates gay people or rallies at Tea Party meetings on the weekends. But I see this trait among a lot of my family members, and as someone who very much has developed their own beliefs and opinions, it has definitely set me apart from them. It doesn’t help that I went to high school with a lot of these kind of people as well, which only served to reinforce that stereotype into my head.



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