Exercising: Your Body and You

In this lesson, you’ll learn the importance of exercise and what you can do to achieve peak physical condition.

After viewing the presentation, ask yourself:

  • Do I exercise consistently?
  • What can I do to motivate me to exercise more frequently?
  • Why is exercising important?
  • How can I make exercising more enjoyable?

Answer these questions and respond with your own thoughts in a 250 word WP blog, due Monday.


One thought on “Exercising: Your Body and You

  1. theresaandrade

    I find that I don’t exercise enough. I used to go to the rec when school started but now I just blow it off and find excuses not to go. I know that I should probably go more often now because I need daily exercise. I could probably motivate myself by giving myself rewards after achieving a certain number of hours exercising. Another motivation would be to try and fit into a smaller size jeans perhaps. That could also help me to keep exercising and getting in shape.
    Exercising is important because other than helping you get in shape it also makes you feel better about yourself and it relaxes you afterwards.
    I could probably make exercising fun by doing it with a group of friends that enjoy to exercise also. If i have friends around I would probably feel better and enjoy the time.


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