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My Elevator Speech

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The MBTI Test

So I ended up taking the MBTI test two times. On the first test, I ended up getting ITSP and ITSJ on the second one. I’m not really sure how I feel about these results, as on the test a lot of the questions were very situational and I wasn’t really sure how to respond to each one. The test definitely emphasized the question on whether or not I like to plan things and be organized, or to be spontaneous, which are both things that really depend on the circumstances. 

So naturally on the test I answered most of the questions with different answers which I think resulted in an inaccurate analyzation. So when I took the test a second time, I tried to make my answers more consistent, leaning more towards the side of having things planned and organized as I usually prefer events planned (but again that is still situational.) The results on that test were even more inaccurate, listing my top professions as a pilot, environmental engineer, infantry member and my favorite, power plant operator. 


Sounds about right.

Obviously I have no real interest in any of these professions. So in the end, maybe I just don’t know myself well enough to answer these kind of test accurately, or the questions are just too situational for me to answer them correctly. Either way I am still very confused about what I want to do and unfortunately I think the test just made me even more stressed about making that decision by next semester (which I’ll have to do if I want to keep receiving my financial aid.) I just really don’t want to be one of those people that has to be in college longer than I intended because I switched majors 5 times, but as we get closer to the end of the semester that is definitely likely.



After completing the VARK, I discovered that learn best by reading or writing instructions which makes sense because I usually always use the internet to read up on how to do new things. I scored the second highest on aural learning, because I like to hear how to do things as well. I like being instructed on how to do things with visual demonstration while being given literature to read up on that might help me understand what I am doing. Visual demonstrations are nice as well, but I tend to forget those easier. However I don’t actually finally nail things into my head until I do them for myself and get results.

Upon completion of the intelligence test, I discovered that I am pretty would rounded as far as my intelligence type, scoring an even score on 4 out of the 7 different categories, with my lowest score being in the logical/mathematical portion (I’ve always been horrible at math.) My highest score was in the musical category, with four different categories tying for second. I would suppose this means that I have an even strength in a multitude of subjects. I suppose this would account for my indecision in what I want to do with my life as there a lot of different directions I could go and be happy.