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About Me

Hi! My name is Isaac Malone. I’m a freshmen at the University of North Texas and am currently undecided on what major I want to pursue. I was born and raised in Azle, TX, a small little town about 30 minutes west of Fort Worth and about an hour west from Dallas. In high school I was very involved with the school band, as well as the high school Improv troupe. At UNT I’m not involved with either (I don’t think we even have an Improv troupe…) but I might join back up at some point in the future.


Hey, that’s me! (on the left)

My hobbies include (but are not limited to) listening to music and attending concerts, hanging out with my buddies, playing Madden, fumbling around on my MacBook, drinking piƱa coladas and getting lost in the rain. My favorite genre of music is usually some kind of punk (pop punk, most of the time) but I honestly can get into any type of music. I’m not particularly fond of Hollywood Undead though, you can thank my room mate for that. As far as sports go, I’m a huge football fan but not as big on baseball or basketball. Soccer can be entertaining from time to time, as well as hockey and boxing. Ping pong too.

Obviously, my favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.

I don’t really watch a lot of TV anymore. As a kid I watched a lot of wrestling, so from time to time I’ll turn that on if I’m bored. Since college has started a lot of my free time has consisted of just seeing what kind of trouble me and my friends can get ourselves into. If you ever find yourself stumbling around outside of Clark Hall one night, chances are you’ll find me and one of my buddies chatting up the cronies that sit around there all day.

Besides that, there isn’t a whole lot more else to me. I’m a (usually) nice guy, so if you ever see me around don’t be afraid to say hi! Maybe we can be friends.

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